lamar, khloe*Khloe Kardashian claims she’s exhausted from controlling Lamar Odom’s finances and making his medial decisions, as the extra responsibility is putting a strain on her own reality TV show duties and Hollywood dating hustle. So a source tells RadarOnline (source = Kris Jenner) that Khloe is officially cutting Lamar out of her life for good, again.

“It’s a delicate situation, because Lamar’s so sensitive and there’s no easy way for Khloe to tell him she’s not coming back [as his wife],” an insider tells Radar of the reality star, who visited her ailing ex in the hospital on Dec. 26.

“She’s finding the whole strain of running his finances and medical planning way too much to bear, since so much of her own life has had to go on hold.”

We suspect the only reason Khloe asserted authority over Lamar’s finances is because it makes for compelling drama for her reality show, TMZ, RadarOnline and other gossip sites. Now that they are no longer profiting from Lamar’s near-fatal overdose in the way they had hoped, Khloe is dissing Lamar once more and focusing on her next victim, her “boyfriend” James Harden.

Sources claim that Khloe has been on a downward spiral lately – drinking and partying hard to cope and help numb “her broken heart.”

Broken heart? Ha!

This writer has decided that Khloe HAS BEEN OVER Lamar since she started banging French Montana and now James Harder, but let Radar’s Kardashian source tell it,  Khloe has been “struggling with how much to be there for 36-year-old Odom, who suffered a near-fatal overdose in the fall.”

Despite her “struggle” to be there for her estranged husband, Khloe is still moving forward with the divorce.

“Divorce is still going forward. Doesn’t mean I won’t be there through sickness and health. I’ve proven that,” she blasted critics in November.

One reason Kardashian is anxious to move forward is because she wants to salvage her relationship with James Harden.

“He has been a saint, but he’s getting extremely frustrated at still playing second fiddle to Lamar,” noted the insider. “That’s why Khloe’s had to start the withdrawal process — she’s terrified of driving James any further away.”

It was recently reported that the Houston Rockets basketball player broke up with the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star on Christmas, but E! News exclusively confirms that’s not true.

That go-to Kardashian source tells the network that the couple is “still seeing each other,” and that Khloe “flew Lamar’s kids out to L.A. so they can spend time with him,” while she headed out to Houston for a few days to spend time with James.

Lamar is dad to 13-year-old Lamar Jr. and 17-year-old Destiny with ex Liza Morales.