Leroya Sanford ‘Dramedy Webisode Series’ Made its Debut

*Leroya Sanford “Dramedy Webisode Series made it’s debut Monday Jan 11, 2016. A new episode is scheduled to run every Monday on Rych McCain’s Hollywood Show Party TM YouTube channel.

Hard as it might be to comprehend; thirteen year-old Leroya Sanford has been a mainstay stand-up comic on the Hollywood and greater Los Angeles comedy circuit since she was nine.

Her material has always been geared toward adults and she rarely does kiddy shows. Sanford regularly plays the major rooms such as “The Comedy Store.” “Laugh Factory” and “The Improv” among others, and has also played clubs in Las Vegas, Chicago and New York. She appeared on “The View” ABC-TV at age 10 and was the special guest for Bob Sumner’s Laff Mobb, “We Got Next” 2nd Season for Magic Johnson’s ASPiRE TV Network.

Sanford is the youngest comic ever to headline a special night at The Comedy Store in Hollywood also at age 10.  Sanford’s comedy DNA is no fluke either as she is the great-great niece of the late superstar comic/actor John Elroy Sanford PKA Redd Foxx, star of the 70’s mega hit NBC-TV sitcom“Sanford and Son.”

Sanford is rising fast in the world of stand-up comedy and the torch has been past down to the next generation of Sanford comics. She hopes her fans will enjoy the webisodes.

Photo attached; Photo credit: Lee Sanford

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About Leroya Sanford

Leroya Sanford has always been a unique child with exceptional vision five years ahead of her time. At four years of age she knew she was a comedian and by nine made her dad start taking her around to the major comedy rooms on the Hollywood Sunset Strip “to work.” Initially the club owners said no, she’s too young but this persistent young lady kept making her dad take her back to open mic nights weekly until they gave in. Sanford has gained the respect of many celeb comics. ”She is a gifted poet, plays guitar and writes most of her own material.






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