Lisa+Raye*LisaRaye McCoy’s directorial debut about the global skin lightening epidemic to set to debut Jan. 9 at 8 p.m. ET. on TV One. “SKINNED” is a 90-minute film which addresses the disturbing skin bleaching trend and touches on the important issues of color, self-esteem and acceptance.

“We set out to produce a film not only to address the global epidemic, but more importantly, the history among people of color regarding the way we think and the acceptance of our given gifts,” said McCoy. “SKINNED will impact those who are struggling with their own identity and self-worth. There hasn’t been a film to address this epidemic since Spike Lee’s School Daze touched on the subject matter.”

A 2015 Bronze Lens Film Festival best independent feature film nominee, “SKINNED” is a character-driven drama about Jolie, a young lady played by Jasmine Burke (“Ride Along”), whose insecurities about her skin color and beauty, and her search for romance causes her to bleach her skin beyond recognition.In an attempt to capture the heart of the perfect suitor, her misuse of skin bleaching products is detrimental.

As a beautiful model with a wonderful husband, Michael, played by Brad James (“Prisoners”), Jolie (Burke) discovers she’s developed some complications due to the chemicals found in certain skin bleaching creams. To make matters worse, her husband discovers her damaging little secret. With the assistance of psychiatrist Dr. Smith (“Cycerli,” “Ash,” “Never Alone)”, Jolie (Burke) must go on a journey into her past to face her demons in an effort to sustain her future.

The cast also includes LisaRaye as Mother, Drew Sidora (“Step Up,” “Hindsight”) as Clarice, Jolie’s sister, Tasia Grant (“Morningside”) as Melissa, and Nollywood international film and television star Van Vicker (“The Heartbreaker’s Revenge”) as Bobby.

Check out the trailer below and learn more about the film via the official website.