steph-curry*Stephen Curry is a great basketball player who has the respect of fellow pro-ballers and basketball fans alike.

But Dallas Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle took the props a step further with comparing Curry to the likes of late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, NBC Sports reports. According to Carlisle, the Golden State Warriors point guard’s style of play on the court is laying the blueprint for how the game will be played in the future

“You’re talking a guy that, it’s a little bit like what Steve Jobs has done to our everyday life,” Carlisle said. “He’s changed the way we live. He and Bill Gates have done that. Steph Curry is changing the way the game will be played in the future.”

Carlisle’s comments came as the Mavs played the Warriors recently. In preparation for the big game, Complex reports the Mavs set out to be as nice as possible to Curry beforehand in an attempt to deter the NBA all-star from scoring all over them.

The following are comments from some of the Mavericks players that Fort Worth Star-Telegram reporter Dwain Price posted on social media:

In other Golden State news, retired adult film star Lisa Ann is raising eyebrows over comments made about an unnamed Warriors player who told her that he wants to be her master pimp. To see what Ann has to say, check out the video below: