obama looking out air force 1 window

Is Flint, Michigan President Obama’s ‘Katrina’ moment like it was was President Bush?

*Dang, it must be tough being President Obama. Everybody wants a piece of him.

Filmmaker Michael Moore is pissed at Obama because he didn’t personally come to Flint to address the water crisis. Moore went on to compare Obama with George W. Bush’s New Orleans flyover after Katrina.


TheWrap points out that on a visit to Detroit Wednesday, the president pledged to have “all the people of Flint’s back” as residents there deal with poisonous, lead-contaminated tap water. However, Moore noted that Obama didn’t take the time visit Flint which was less than 70 miles away

Moore tweeted to Obama: “R u enjoying the nice cars at the Detroit Auto Show? Your plane leaves in an hr. FLINT! We’re right here.” He added a photo of Bush’s flyover.

Later he noted that Obama had decided to skip Flint. “He didn’t come to Flint. He did say, ‘Flint, we have your back.’ I imagine this is how it looked on the plane. #lost.” That tweet was accompanied by a photo of Obama looking out an airplane window.