natalie cole-funeral

*(Los Angeles) Music legend Natalie Cole was remembered at the West Angeles Cathedral in Los Angeles on Monday as a kind, giving and loving friend, family member and singer. She died on New Yearʼs Eve at age 65.

The nearly three-hour funeral featured salutes from some of musicʼs biggest names including David Foster, Lionel Richie and Stevie Wonder who said, “We speak of love, talk of love, but we donʼt do love. Weʼve got a lot of work to do Natalie,” he said before singing a soulful rendition of “The Lordʼs Prayer.”

Added Richie, ”Iʼll always remember her laughter, her voice, her silliness and encouraging me when I was down. I love you and cherish our memories together.”

He also spoke about the incredible pressure entertainers have, to be great, especially when coming from a family that already had a superstar as Natalie had her dad, the late Nat King Cole. But he reminded the crowd of approximately 3000 people that she was more than a star, but “a superstar!”

Natalieʼs 38-year-old son Robert Adam Yancy was grateful for all the love showered in his motherʼs memory, but he told the audience, “I simply just want to talk about my mom. What a woman!” he said as the crowd clapped. “I was blessed to have someone who loved me, cared for me and taught me how to love. Today for me is a glorious day. Iʼve shed my tears and had my moments.” After a pause, he continued, “She was my rock! The greatest thing she ever gave me was Jesus,” he said as the attendees looked on.

Coleʼs twin sisters shared memories of her being the boss of them, always looking out and being protective. They also said to the world she was Natalie, to them she was “Sweetie.” And their kids called Natalie, “Auntee Sweetie.”

Pastor Melvin Wade of Mt. Moriah Baptist Church in Los Angeles delivered the eulogy, sharing fun stories over the years. She was a member of his church and her son plays drums in the churchʼs band. He said Natalie was pregnant with Robert when they met at Redd Foxxʼs home in 1977 when he was a guest of Rev. Jesse Jackson who was also present.

The most powerful performance of the day came from Kurt Carr and his singers when Yvette Williams led his classic “For Every Mountain.” The song had everyone on their feet, including Foster and other luminaries.

Carr said he met Cole during one of her many visits to West Angeles Church when he was a part of the music ministry. “Natalie was one of the classiest people Iʼve ever met. She was a royal queen but a sistah girl,” he said. “She came over to my house for dinner and pulled out of her designer bag, a bottle of Louisiana hot sauce!” he said as the people erupted with laughter.

Gladys Knight, Eddie Levert, Chaka Khan and Jeffrey Osborne were among the many celebrities who came out to bid their friend farewell. She was laid to rest at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, CA where her parents are buried.

Witness all the celebs who came out to pay their last respects for Natalie:

natalie funeral - johnny gill

Johnny Gill

natalie funeral - mary wilson

Mary Wilson of the legendary Supremes

natalie funeral - smokey

Smokey Robinson leaves the West Angeles Cathedral after Natalie Cole’s funeral.

natalie funeral -  jesse jackson ashley jackson & lionel richie

Rev. Jesse Jackson and his daughter Ashley share a conversation with Lionel Richie.

natalie funeral - jeffrey osborne & wife

Jeffrey Osborne and wife

natalie funeral - glodean white

Barry White’s widow, Glodean White, wearing fur, strikes a pose with Jackee Harry, Cookie Johnson, Tonya Winfield and others.

natalie funeral - eddie levert

O’Jays singer Eddie Levert strikes a pose with other entertainers.

natalie funeral - marla gibbs

Marla Gibbs

natalie funeral - lela rochon

Lela Rochon

natalie funeral - freddy cole

Natalie’s uncle, Freddy Cole

natalie funeral - forest lawn hearse

A Forest Lawn hearse takes Natalie Cole to join her dad and mom, Nat King Cole and Marie Cole at her final resting place in Glendale, CA

photos: Eric J. Chambers