taraji & kelvin (headshots)

*Sooooo, is Taraji P. Henson romantically involved with former NFL player Kelvin Hayden or not?

Despite pictures of the two holding hands on the beach in Miami that surfaced Tuesday, if you chose “not” for your answer you’d be correct.

We know this because none other than gossip maven Wendy Williams got that answer out of the 45-year-old superstar actress.

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While being interviewed by Williams during Pitbull’s New Year’s Revolution special New Year’s Eve, Henson all but side-stepped questions about Hayden. When asked about him, she replied:

“I have no idea. Yeah, you can’t believe everything you read. Until you hear it from me, it’s false.”


Hmm, that looked a little rehearsed to us, but anyway, you heard/saw what Taraji said. However, despite not answering questions about Kelvin Hayden, he was actually with her (but not on camera) according to theJasmineBrand.