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*Paris Jackson’s family is said to be “worried sick” about the 17-year-old after her recent break up with boyfriend Chester Castellaw.

“Paris is causing great concern for her family. Ever since her breakup with Chester, she has become quite rebellious,” a “family insider” told Radar Online.

“They are starting to go through the same thing with her that they went through with Prince last year. She is staying out past curfew, hanging out with a group of people that seem to be misfits, and she is not listening to much that her grandparents Katherine and Joe say,” the source added.

As for why the two split, no one knows. The insider said: “She hasn’t opened up to practically anyone about why she and Chester broke up.”

One of the reasons for the family concern is because Paris had a breakdown two years ago that resulted in her admittance to a psychiatric facility for nearly a year. In addition, she turns 18 in a few months and will inherit a large fortune from her father Michael Jackson’s estate.

The source said: “She said that she cannot wait until her birthday. The first thing that she wants to do is get her own place.”

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