*Ever been in a relationship with a man who constantly crosses the line, disregarding your boundaries, or taking your kindness for weakness? He has no idea about who you really are or how you feel. He doesn’t realize that you’re on the way out of the door because you don’t feel respected, honored or valued.

Now, put yourself in a man’s shoes.

If a man doesn’t feel like you understand him at the deepest level, like you, he will begin to feel distant from you and want to pull away.

Just imagine if a man doesn’t “get” you as a woman. It’s one thing not to understand all of your nuances, it’s another to be dismissive just because he can’t relate. When you’re in a healthy relationship, the goal should be to try to learn and “get” each other.

Likewise, when you don’t understand men at the deepest level, and don’t “get” what makes them tick or irritates them, they become secretly turned-off and disappointed by you.

That is why it’s important to take the time to understand a man’s true blueprint. Seek understanding before your own agenda. Because information is power and that info will inform you. When it comes to understanding a man, don’t try to over think it or compare his needs with yours. We are different. But if you can connect with his needs and embrace the power that you have to meet them, then it really will be simple; not easy, not always desirable or convenient, but it won’t be complicated if you don’t make it so.

Trust me, every man wants a woman who really “gets” him, a woman who understands what a man needs and how to give it to him, someone who makes him feel respected and appreciated. This understanding that we’re talking about is not an option. It is a NEED.

It is this understanding that led me to create the Man Whisperer panels that tour the country, and the soon-to-come book. Sign up here to learn more about Deya”Direct” Smith and how to host your own Man Whisperer party.

Deya "Direct" Smith

Deya “Direct” Smith

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