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*We know he knows he’s got a REAL, REAL good thing, but what the hell is HER problem?

For the fourth time since Fontella Marie Holmes won a $188 million in a Powerball lottery in February, she’s had to bail her boyfriend out of jail.

According to the New York Daily News, the boyfriend, Lamar “Hot Sauce” McDow, posted a $12 million bond Friday (Jan. 1) for his release.  Since he’s not even remotely employable, we know where the bail money came from. In case you’re wondering, the 31-year-old is accused of arranging a street race on Saturday (Dec. 26).

Police revealed to WECT-TV that McDow was arrested Tuesday (Dec. 29) for violating the terms of his pre-trial release on earlier charges. The arrest resulted when the GPS monitoring system in the sheriff’s office showed that McDow was at a location other than the ones he is allowed to be in, which are his home, work, church, doctor or court, officials told the station.

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McDow’s latest bail out comes months after Holmes ended up with an $88 million lump sum payment after taxes for winning the $188 million jackpot.

The Shallote, NC woman first used her winnings to bail out McDow weeks after she won by posting a $3 million bond. In August, McDow was released on a $6 million bond. McDow’s third bail out occurred in October.

The StarNews of Wilmington revealed more about McDow with Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office investigators saying he is a gang member. Deputies further revealed that McDow conspired in a street race that included two Corvettes going about 100 mph on Saturday night. The publication goes on to detail McDow’s previous arrests, which involved drug, assault and weapons charges

WECT spoke to local attorneys, who mentioned that McDow’s sky-high bond stems from the amount doubling if a defendant breaks the rules of a pre-trial release. A non-refundable fee paid to bail bondsmen who bail out an inmate usually comes out to roughly 10% of the total bond amount, the Daily News notes.