*Japan has always been a country to watch when it comes to technology.

It seems that by the time the U. S. even thinks of making a move with technology, Japan is already three steps ahead.

Now, according to some dude named Michael Snyder, a Japanese company has made a real life robot that walks, talks, thinks and apparently, given time, may do other things … kinky things.

According to Snyder, its only a matter of time before men start exploring  having sex with the  blowup doll…OK, OK, to be fair he calls it a “virtually indistinguishable” robot.

He says technology is moving so fast that you can pretty much expect a place like Japan (who seems to be leading the charge right now in these lifelike robots) to create a doll that will give real women a run for their … (You fill in the blank).

Could happen…Scroll down for the video!

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