track & sarah palin

Track & Sarah Palin

*Donald Trump‘s newest flunky, Sarah Palin, is showing just how wacky and irresponsible she is.

She’s finally saying something about her son’s recent domestic violence arrest. It would probably not surprise you to learn that instead of blaming her 26-year-old son, or maybe herself as a parent, she’s found a way to blame – yep, you guessed it – President Obama.

Palin was in Oklahoma at a Donald Trump rally when she addressed the “elephant in the room” — Track Palin getting busted for allegedly assaulting a woman — by saying Track is a combat veteran who’s suffering PTSD … and feels abandoned by the President.

She goes on to say that as a result of Track’s arrest, she says she can now relate to other families of vets who feel abandoned by their commander in chief. She added, this is why America needs Trump.

You have to admit that’s some really good horse sh*t, right?

Stupid Sarah’s in a class by herself.