justin-combs-sean diddy combs*Talk bad about Sean Combs’ son Justin and you will get shut down. Literally.

The Instagram blog “The Industry On Blast” found this out firsthand after it got deleted without warning over the weekend when it implied that Combs’ firstborn son Justin is a homosexual, Sandra Rose reports

From there, the entertainment mogul took his displeasure with IOB to the higher ups at Instagram, who made quick work of deleting the gossip page.

Upon realizing IOB was shut down, the blog’s supporters ended up getting their gossip fix on by going to @theindustryonblast’s backup page: @theindustryonblast2.

Sandra Rose notes that multiple backup pages are a necessary thing for Instagram gossip bloggers who are afraid of being deleted from the social media site.

Although rumors have floated around about Angela and Vanessa Simmons supplying regular updates to the IOB Instagram account, Vanessa went on Instagram to vigorously deny the rumblings after Combs allegedly contacted her.

Combs isn’t the only one carrying beef with IOB.

Fameolous, another Instagram blogger, got into it with IOB regarding who voiced rumors of Justin’s homosexuality first. In Fameoulous’ eyes, he was the one who broke the news first.

Despite this, Fameoulous – kn owing what happened to IOB – ultimately decided to wash his hands of the issue by Monday (Jan. 18) as he got rid of any mention of Justin being gay on his Instagram page.

Scroll below to see IOB’s posts on Justin:

Industry on Blast IG post on Justin Combs 1

Industry on Blast IG post on Justin Combs 2