Not the real kid.

*Now here’s one for the record books. So your kid thinks he can just ask you for an advance on his allowance.

He presents his case to the best of his 6-year-old ability. After all, he has seen you put your game-face on numerous times and it looks quite easy. So he comes in for the kill.

Thing is: he has done this before. But THIS time, dad has a great comeback!

As it turns out, little Auren had been asking his dad for a $20 advance on his allowance all day long so that he could buy a new toy. His dad, Mike, had repeatedly told him, “No.”

So apparently, Auren tried another strategy, go and complain to mom.

According to what Mike told The Huffington Post , “I was in my office, and he had clearly been bothering Mom, who gave him the idea to ‘go ask Dad for a loan on your allowance. I knew ‘loan’ wasn’t in his vocabulary up to that point, it was his mom that sent him my way with that idea! So I thought it would be funny to send him back to her with a loan rejection letter in hand. I knew he’d need her to read it to him.”


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