bow wow*As social media proves each day, it can be your friend (being hip to racial injustice and other noteworthy issues and causes as well as significant personal life events) or it can be your enemy (exposing your dirty laundry as well as enabling that thing we call TMI and whatever negativity you choose to endorse).

And then there are those who fall somewhere in between.

bow wow picture on social mediaTaking note of the foolishness, Ebony highlighted a picture that surfaced of a shirtless Bow Wow lying atop of pile of dollar bills as well as woman who chose to express herself in the most racist way on Facebook.

With Bow Wow, it’s a matter of whether or not the picture actually tells the truth. According to Ebony, which took a look at the reaction online, “the verdict is that his ‘stash’ looks more like what one would spend on a light grocery run versus a mattress for a mogul. “

While Bow Wow’s questionable picture may raise an eyebrow (or not), there looks to be worse things to get a rise from.

Case in point: Penny Sparrow, a white South African woman who just had to go on social media to put the black people she saw on the beach on blast for littering. And if that wasn’t enough, she decided to sprinkle her description of the black people in question with the word “monkeys.”

Facebook post from South African woman

Needless to say, Sparrow’s post caught the attention of folks who were less than pleased with what she posted. In response, Sparrow proceeded to clear the air with her critics.

“Every year it is the same story; it’s their [black people] day and we don’t go in the beach, we don’t interfere, we let it be. We all know it and there is nothing wrong. We stay out of the way and stay at home,” Sparrow said in her defense, according to News 24.

“I am sorry that it has taken such a viral turn, but it was just a statement of how it was. I made the mistake of comparing them [black people] with monkeys. Monkeys are cute and they’re naughty, but they [black people] don’t see it that way, but I do because I love animals.”

“I wasn’t being nasty or rude or horrible, but it’s just that they [black people] make a mess. It is just how they are,” she continued.

“I work with blacks and I am kind to them and they have accepted me. I have worked with an Indian girl who kept my job open while I was in hospital. She’s a wonderful girl and she’s an Indian. Blacks can also be wonderful and I don’t hate the black people, it is just a fact that it was so filthy and dirty this year and that is my only point.”

And there it is. Once again, there are some folks who seem so unaware of the power of social media and the consequences of posting stuff that could get end up getting their feelings hurt in more ways than one.

So what say you about Bow Wow and Sparrow? Are you ok with what they’ve put out there or do they both deserve some kind of reality check?

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