Stacey-Dash*Stacey Dash’s comments regarding the diversity issue for this year’s Academy Awards haven’t made her any new friends, let alone kept her in the good graces of her ex-boyfriend Ryan Prophet.

Prophet went in on the Fox News contributor, who aired out her belief that “Black History Month is pointless” as well as suggesting that, “We have to make up our minds. Either we want to have segregation or integration.”

“@realstaceyldash your views on black culture & people of color as a whole are F*cking terrible,” Prophet wrote on Instagram Wednesday night (Jan. 20). “I wonder do you truly love your self & this is coming from a brother that had genuine Luv for you since day1 as a fan Artist lover & creater many young sisters look up to you.”

“Ask your self do u really Luv BLACK BABIES?! #blacklivesmatter but out of respect for your son That post was took down make me a believer help those people in #flint oh I forgot your a Foxnewspuppet just remember bleaching your skin is poisonous,” he continued.

Apparently, Prophet’s remarks rubbed Dash the wrong way as she texted him to take his post down.

Scroll below to see the text exchange between the former couple Wednesday night and Thursday morning (Jan. 21), which Prophet posted on Instagram:

Stacey Dash and Ryan Prophet text messages 1Stacey Dash and Ryan Prophet text messages 2In addition to posting the first set of text messages, Prophet took it a step further with one condition he wants her to make good on before thinking about deleting his post.

“Better yet apologize to the world & give BET back they money then i’ll consider taking it down,” he captioned Wednesday night.

The reference about giving BET its money back has to do with Dash having been compensated by the network for several appearances on “The Game.”

h/t: HipHollywood