steve harvey & aj calloway
*On Wednesday (01-20-16), “Extra’s” AJ Calloway spoke with Steve Harvey in Miami, where the TV host was honored with the Brandon Tartikoff Legacy Award at the NATPE convention.

Harvey said of the award, “I’m flattered. I’m honored. I’m blessed.”

On the Oscars controversy over the lack of diversity among the major award nominees, Harvey said, “I respect the boycott.”

He reiterated, “Nobody? I mean that’s really, really weird. You look at the films and you come away with nobody? That’s… that’s kind of crazy.”

Despite the controversy, Harvey doesn’t think host Chris Rock should quit. “You can’t dump that on him, and I think that night, I think we need Chris Rock. Chris Rock is going to say something that night.”

The TV host also commented on his own controversy surrounding Miss Universe, having just hosted the winner, Miss Philippines, and real runner-up Miss Colombia on his hit NBC talk show, saying, “She took a load off me, man, by just forgiving me.” Revealing what really happened behind the scenes the night he read the wrong name saying he went backstage no one told him something was wrong or made a suggestion as to how to fix it, “I saw them scrambling…I made the mistake, I said it, so the guy in my ear is saying we got to fix this we got to fix this, but nobody said how to fix nobody gave one suggestion…So I walked out there in my own…I took it I made the mistake, I said it, I owned it.” And telling AJ that after his on-air snafu, Steve and his family faced death threats. He revealed, “The death threats… very uncool, you know… what… what my family got to do with

Harvey also breaking news about what is up next for him. “A lot of things are happening, so you might look up on Super Bowl. I might be in a Super Bowl commercial… something to do with it. Bro. I’m giving you a scoop, bro!”

h/t: extra