donald trump (las vegas rally)

*Somewhere, a circus is missing a clown. No one seems to know where this circus is, as it is hiding–desperate to not be found by the clown it lost.

Months ago, when Donald Trump began finding traction among a segment of Americans who actually believe he should be the next president of the United States, it was funny.

Then it wasn’t funny. Then it was embarrassing. Later, insulting. And then funny again. Now, it’s embarrassing, insulting and funny all at once.

Notice I never said scary. I absolutely refuse to be afraid.

Instead, I’ll say it is sad. Sad, because despite decades of undeniable social change and progress in this country, there are plenty of Americans to whom Trump’s ignorant, bigoted, sexist rhetoric holds water. It’s something to see and hear, isn’t it? But it’s real. And it’s a shame.

Don’t you dare believe that all those who follow Trump fit the typical stereotype of the bigot. You might be surprised at how many kind, intelligent, presumably forward-thinking people—-computer nerds, loving soccer moms, priests, pastors, lesbians, rock stars, doctors, lawyers who have dedicated their careers to helping the disenfranchised, Gays, transgender people, interracial couples; souls who routinely suffer a segment of society’s foot on its neck—are themselves straight-up bigots.

Looks and actions can be deceiving. Exhibit A: Donald Trump himself, who actually seemed like an okay guy until he decided to run for president and opened his foul mouth…which appears to be connected to his ass.

They say he “tells it like it is.” They never finish the other part of that phrase—“…in our hearts.” Trump doesn’t tell it like it is; he tells it like some people want it to be.

It’s intriguing to watch the Republican party attempt to distance itself from The Donald’s idiotic views, when the party created the monster.

Simply peruse the crowds at any Republican function–where is the rainbow of humanity that is America? The only difference between Trump, Ted Cruz and the rest of them is presentation.

By the way, these are the same people who insist that Black Americans only voted for Barack Obama because he was Black. Tell that cracked theory to the ever fading Dr. Ben Carson, whose constituents are 99.9 percent white for a reason.

The most convenient thing about Trump is that he doesn’t have to become president for us to get an idea as to how the rest of the world would receive him. In the U.K. a branch of its government actually took a vote on whether to ban him from the country.

In Mexico and Latin America he is despised. The Middle East sees him as dangerous. You really have to work hard to be feared in that region.

However, playfully, he is praised by Russia’s Putin. He knows the immature and insecure Trump is someone he’d trample.

And just when we thought this floorshow of ignorance and stupidity could descend no lower, up from the depths of dysfunctional madness comes dumb-as-a-chair Sarah Palin to “endorse” Trump.

If he were running against her for anything, Trump would be gabbing nonstop about Palin’s failed bid for the vice-presidency, her up and simply quitting her job as the governor of Alaska. He’d bring up her daughter Bristol.

Instead, since they are on the same page—-for now-—he actually sees Palin as a positive. That’s how imbecilic Trump is.

It is difficult to believe this lunacy is happening at the apex of modern American politics, the bid for the presidency.
But it is.

Wow. Just wow.

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