dirty weave removal

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*EUR previously reported on a video shared by a hair stylist showing her removing what we described as “a crusty, moldy weave from a client who sported faux locks for more than a year.”

Well, that stylist, Queorash “Que” Barnes, hit us up to clarify our “inaccurate” report about her video, which she says IS NOT weave-gone-wild with mold, but rather “extremely dirty hair” underneath extensions that had been left on longer than the recommended 2-3 months.  Below is Que’s response, edited slightly for clarity.

my name is queorash “Que” barnes and i am the owner and master stylist at Salon Dollhouse located in college park ga. My fb page is queorash barnes and my instagram page is @salondollhouse. On my instagram there are before and after pics….. this is what happened….. a (client) came in to get a sew in weave and thats when i discovered she had a sew in weave that had been installed for between 6 months and a year. Because of that her new growth hair grew into 1 big dread so i had to cut her hair under the dread to remove it. After removal we then shampooed several times and treated the (healthy) hair before braiding the hair up and doing a completely new install with new extentions….although this can cause mildew and mold on the hair in this case it didnt. What we are seeing is extremely dirty hair not mold. Please contact me if u need anything further and thanks for giving me my credit. This video/pic has been seen over 10 million times between my fb page and other ppl that have shared it……

So there you have it, ladies.

Peep the gross weave removal in the clip below: