Ted-williams*Ted Williams has come full circle, despite trials and tribulations that came with his former life as a homeless man.

in 2011 Williams’ smooth radio voice was heard in an online video that went viral. Instant fame followed as he became known as the man with the “golden voice.”

The Columbus Dispatch reports that Williams recently made his return to the airwaves with a weekday program on WKVO-AM, the same Ohio radio station where he started his broadcasting career in the late 80s. Williams’ return to WKVO marks his first steady job since 1993.

Meanwhile,  in spite of his fame, Williams’ personal issues and continued struggles with drug and alcohol addiction were more noticeable on the public radar as appearances on “Dr. Phil” and family altercations became tabloid fodder.

In October 2014, Williams, now 58, was living in an apartment with no furniture, didn’t have a car and couldn’t explain what happened to a $395,000 advance for his 2012 memoir when The Dispatch got a hold of him.

As it stands now, Williams is focused on moving forward as he lives with his daughter and longtime girlfriend, who also battled drug addiction. Overall, Williams admitted his desire to be an example for those who are trying to turn their lives around.

“I want them to know that I’ve been through struggles — and they have, too,” he said. “I don’t know what tomorrow will bring. That ‘one day at a time’ really means one second at a time.”