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Ahsha (Taylour Paige) and German (Jonathan McDaniel) Photo credit: Hit The Floor / VH1

*The shot clock is counting down.  Less than two weeks until the highly-anticipated return of the #1 new scripted series of the summer, VH1’s slam dunk series “Hit The Floor.

Returning Monday, January 18 at 9/8c*, season 3 is filled with more bombshells, sex, drama, secrets and excitement as well as 10 new jaw-dropping dance routines choreographed by the legendary Michael Rooney.

In the premiere episode, the Devils gear up for their Championship Ring Ceremony, while the Devil Girls hold auditions.  A fired Ahsha (Taylour Paige) finds comfort with German (Jonathan McDaniel), who, in a season 2 finale shocker, was revealed to be Olivia’s killer!

And new boss Lionel makes power moves with repercussions for Sloane (Kimberly Elise), Pete (Dean Cain), Jelena (Logan Browning) and Terrence (Rob Riley).

Andy Buckley (Veep, The Office) guest stars as Adam Oberman, an ambitious league official.

Watch a sneak peek of the premiere episode

 On Monday, January 18, “Hit The Floor” airs at 9/8c, but for the remainder of the season, viewers should tune-in at 10/9c.

Also, a one-hour special counting down the series’ 10 most shocking moments will air on Monday, January 11 at 9/8c and will be hosted by Alicia Quarles.

Kyle/Raquel clip:

When Raquel confronts Kyle about Miguel getting into her toy closet, it becomes clear that the two still have a lot to work on in their marriage.

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The Devils won the Championship, but not without their share of scandal.  With Devils owner Oscar Kinkade behind bars for one murder, another killer is still at large:  Ahsha’s long-time boyfriend German, who was revealed in Season Two’s shocking finale to be Olivia Vincent’s killer.

Unaware of her boyfriend’s secret, Ahsha harbors a secret of her own.  And after being fired from the Devil Girls by her own mother, Ahsha struggles to find her place in the world.  She may have ended her passionate but rocky romance with Derek, but he’s sworn to win her back.

The Devils not only have a title, they have a new boss in the front office:  Lionel.  She didn’t just marry Oscar, she took his place in the owner’s chair, thanks to an uneasy alliance with Jelena.  Now Lionel’s ready to make life hell for Sloane and Pete.  But Sloane’s not about to back down.

Jelena continues to pull the strings while tending to an injured Terrence, who is determined to get back on the court after sacrificing himself to get the Devils their title.  Meanwhile Zero isn’t quite so willing to let Jude go.  Can Jude resist him?




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