*The sight of a naked Tyson Beckford may trigger naughty thoughts and repeated viewings for some, but for others it’s cause to blast the 45-year-old model-actor on social media.

According to the International Business Times, Beckford gave folks something to talk about when he posted a picture of his naked self with his back to the camera while looking out at the sea in Jamaica on Sunday (Jan. 3).

“Back to Nature #teamtyson#jamaica #2016 #ocean #naked,” Beckford wrote in the caption to his picture, which was posted on his Instagram.

As if one naked picture wasn’t enough, Beckford followed that with another picture of him. For this one, he appears with only a small white towel protecting his private area.

tyson beckford (kinda nude1)

Despite appreciation and love shown by some fans, other IG followers rained down criticism on Beckford with claims that his photos were a lame attempt to generate publicity. Adding to that were claims from critics who suggested that the risqué pics represented inappropriate behavior for a man of Beckford’s age.

“I guess it’s [stripping] the in-thing now, ” one critic said, while another critic wrote: “Only b***k ignorant Ppl do stuff like this children watch and learn”.

In response to the hate, Beckford fired back with another nude picture of himself. This one centering on him enjoying an outdoor shower, with the following caption posted with it:

“Kiss my haters ” Beckford wrote.

Island Boy

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Beckford’s back and forth with those not in favor of his naked photos marks the latest situation involving him going au natural in front of the camera.

In November 2013, debate emerged of Beckford’s sexuality after he posed nude with transgender model Ines Rau for OOB Magazine’s ‘Tropical Surrealism’ spread. The black-and-white pictures featured the pair posing naked together.

In one photo, Rau has one hand on Beckford’s shoulder while the other is rests on his backside. In various other photographs, Beckford and Rau are captured kissing and caressing each other.

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