two white girls & black doll

*No words.

And I won’t need any because the two videos below speak for themselves and show you all you will need to know.

In this first one, titled “Racism Unprovoked,” posted on Facebook by AJ+ on Friday, January 1, 2016 – a white man who is said to have initially come out to antagonize some anti-fracking protesters – quickly turned his venom to the African American video-journalist on site to film the event – and let ‘er rip.

The brother caught the whole thing on film.

The man started out by referring to the journalist as a “chimp” and then started making monkey sounds. He even blamed the black man for “taking his tax dollars.” His behavior proved shocking to the Caucasians standing around him; who you could hear saying, “What??” and telling the offending man to, “Get out of here.”

Meanwhile, as you know, racism is a learned behavior. Babies are not born hating anyone. They watch the behavior of those closest to them. The people they trust. And that behavior is then duplicated. So when two little white girls (seen in the video at thisnthat) receive a Christmas gift from uncle Seth and aunt Cynthia; and their mother prompts them to take it out of the bag, it is the mother’s reaction heard off-camera that is even more disturbing than the child’s obvious dislike of the toy.

Read more and watch both of the raw videos at EURThisNthat.