NeNe-Leakes*For Bravo, NeNe Leakes is gold.

So much so that talk has surfaced of the network wanting her to elevate her current recurring status on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” to full-time next year, according to Radar Online.

Considering the slip in ratings for the new season of “RHOA” since it premiered last year and reports of those ratings rising when Leakes appears in the last half of the season, sources tell Radar that “Bravo execs want to bring NeNe back full time next year.”

“The fans miss NeNe and even though there is tons of drama this year without her, with her back, it would just take the show to the next level,” the source said.

Although Bravo wants Leakes fully back on the show that made her a household name, the source adds that “NeNe isn’t ready to return to the show next year, however.”

Further complicating things is the fact that Bravo’s parent company, NBC Universal, has entered the picture, sources reveal, adding that NBCU has given Leakes an ultimatum: Sign back on with “RHOA” or lose your spot on the revamped “Fashion Police.”

“NeNe loves being a part of ‘Fashion Police,’ but the network is ready to cut ties if she doesn’t agree to their terms,” the source admitted to Radar while alluding to other interests that have Leakes’ attention.

“NeNe seems to think she is better than doing reality television and has moved on from ‘RHOA’. Going back would be a step back in her plan to become a global brand. She has a clothing line, and no longer wants to be associated with a reality show.”

The source went on to point out Bravo’s intent to keep “RHOA” on top, saying, “‘RHOA’ continues to be the crown in Bravo’s crown and the network wants it to shine. With NeNe.”