*Oh the things we do for money. 

According to a survey with 1,000 people by, who asked folks some outlandish questions in an attempt to see how far they would go to get their hands on a lot of money, well…suffice it to say, you can’t trust no damn body because if it comes between your life and them making a billion dollars…

Bye Felicia.

The NY Daily News reports,

The most startling stat showed that 6% of people — including a whopping 12% of men — said they would be willing to commit murder for $1 billion, while one in ten would be willing to commit arson, treason, armed robbery, mug someone with a weapon or even assist a suicide.

Time out: Maybe if it was someone you didn’t personally know? Jus’ asking.

For $1,000, 15% of people were willing to shoplift or bet on a fixed sporting event. For 13 of the 1,000 respondents, the price is enough to convince them to murder, but fewer were willing to poison a stray animal.One in five are willing to steal a street sign, shoplift or flash a stranger for $10,000, while one in ten are willing to lie under oath, steal a bike or knowingly spend counterfeit cash for the same price.

Time out: People will MURDER, but not poison a stray animal…interesting. I’d probably ‘flash a stranger’…Please don’t judge me too harshly.

For $100,000, 25% of people would swipe a street sign, but it is also enough for one in five to forge a signature or steal from a restaurant or hotel. And for that same amount, one in ten say they would enter into a sham marriage, perform a sexual act on a stranger, evade taxes or snatch a purse.

It’s getting dangerous now. I’d better not be too transparent. You never know, one day the authorities could refer back to this article in an attempt to frame me for something. But some of the above don’t seem ‘SO bad’ does it?

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