hillary clinton (south carolina)

*To no one’s surprise, Hillary Clinton handily defeated Bernie Sanders in Saturday’s South Carolina Democratic presidential primary because of overwhelming support from black voters.  The victory puts her in a strong position with Super Tuesday’s crucial contests on the horizon.

The South Carolina victory was key for Clinton and a way for her to make up for loss to Barack Obama in that state eight years ago. That loss was the harbinger of how things would eventually work out for in 2008

“To South Carolina, to the volunteers at the heart of our campaign, to the supporters who power it: thank you,” Clinton wrote on Twitter. At a campaign victory party in Columbia, supporters broke into raucous cheers as the race was called in Clinton’s favor, reports the AP.

For the victory in South Carolina, Clinton can thank black voters with 8 in 10 voting for her. She also won most women and voters aged 30 and older, according to early exit polls.

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