cam newton

*Everybody’s still trippin’ on Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton‘s super sour attitude in the post Super Bowl 50 presser on Sunday.

Well, would you believe that earlier today, when players were cleaning out their lockers, Newton agreed with those that have called his reaction the behavior of a sore loser.

“Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser,” Newton said, via Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer. “If I offended anyone, that’s cool … I don’t have to conform to anybody’s wants for me. I’m not that guy. This is a great league with or without me. I am my own person.”

Here’s how NBC Sports responded:

The problem with that is that plenty of players and coaches that no one would describe as a loser have been able to handle the aftermath of a loss without the reaction that Newton had on Sunday night. It’s a pretty big stretch to say that group has less of a desire to win than Newton has, although giving those answers after the game or some variation that illustrated how hard it was for him to accept losing would have likely elicited much less of a reaction.

The group of people who have handled it better include many of his teammates and head coach Ron Rivera, who defended Newton during an appearance on PFT Live Tuesday while adding that the quarterback needs to “learn and grow” from the Super Bowl experience.

By the way, Rivera also said that he had “no problem” with Newton not diving for his late fumble that set up C.J. Anderson’s touchdown. Newton also addressed that on Tuesday.

“I don’t dive on one fumble because the way my leg was — it could have been [contorted] in a way,” Newton said. “OK, you say my effort. I didn’t dive down. I fumbled. That’s fine. But we didn’t lose that game because of that fumble. I can tell you that.”

Newton added that no one’s expectations for him are greater than his own and that the Panthers are going to be back in 2016.

Needless to say , now that the code has been broken as to how to get to him, NFL fans can’t wait to see how he responds in the new season.