Know Your Worth Project Inspires Inner City Women to Shine, Jacqueline “Jackie” Webb

Know Your Worth Project Inspires Inner City Women to Shine; Author Jacqueline “Jackie” Webb

* Know Your Worth Project – From a distance, some of the world’s most beautiful jewels  –  rubies, sapphires, and emeralds  –  can look like a common rock or stone to the untrained eye.

This case of mistaken identity often rings true in the lives of many women when they face themselves in the mirror each day.

More often than not, a girl or woman’s view of her appearance, surroundings, circumstances, and experiences can often be distorted when it comes to the value they place on their lives.

Author, inspirational speaker, and minister Jacqueline “Jackie” Webb  has set out to shed light on this travesty with the launch of the new campaign Know Your Worth and accompanying website,

“Know Your Worth is a movement and lifestyle dedicated to encouraging women, young adults, and youth to be aware of their value. Plus, their purpose, and the plan of God for their lives and talents,” Webb said. “So often, females, including myself, have allowed everything around them, and in front of them, to dictate how they value themselves. I am here to tell them ‘not so.’

It is, in fact, a person’s spirit and their connection with their creator that can truly reveal their true worth. The Bible tells us that a virtuous woman, a woman who allows God to write her story, is worth far above rubies.”

Jacqueline “Jackie” Webb

Jacqueline “Jackie” Webb

Through her website, blog, and social media channels, the South Central Los Angeles native provides “Pearls of Wisdom,” blog posts, videos, photos, videos, a t-shirt shop and other tools to provide readers and followers with encouragement and insight to understand who God intended them to be and the value they hold in his eyes.

Also, Webb is embarking on a national speaking and teaching tour to bring the Know Your Worth (#KnowYourWorth) campaign into local communities. She explained that her efforts would also be focused on helping women, who are historically caretakers in one form or the other, to learn to apply the same support they give to others to themselves. She says that this act alone can be a huge self-confidence and self-awareness booster.

“We spend so much time and effort building up and encouraging others, we fail to do the same to the person in the mirror,” Webb said. “This is a new season with endless possibilities and opportunities. It’s OK to want better for yourself; even if the better means internal changes.”

Know Your Worth

According to Webb, #KnowYourWorth was birthed out of her personal experiences with two failed marriages, loss of property and employment, health scares, and raising children as a single parent. The experiences she has had with ministering to young ladies and women who have suffered from abusive relationships, substance abuse, mental health issues, and more also served as an inspiration to start the project.

“I am a living testament that what a young lady or woman goes through is not her bottom line,” Webb proclaimed. “No matter how broken, battered, bruised, or bewildered you may seem to be – your life has a purpose and is of great value to God. He made you in His perfect will and wants to use you no matter how marred you may be.”

She added, “The great thing about a potter is he always knows how to reshape, remold, and rebuild his clay. I am here to help women not only return to the potter’s hands but to show them what His intention really was in creating them.”

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