twins & mom  (gone viral)

Oh yeah, now this one’s a real head scratcher.

Or you could say it’s the mother of all internet mysteries.

We’re talking about the selfie posted by an Indianapolis teenager with her twin and their mother. Now, guess who is who?

Kaylan Mahomes uploaded the pic of the three ladies in a car with the caption, “Mom, twin and me. ” However, all three gorgeous women look identical.

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that some Twitter users are also sharing this new “Who’s the mom?” pic with the hashtag #blackdontcrack, which refers to some African Americans’ age-defying smooth skin.

Now the family is getting in on the fun even more; they created an Instagram page to share more photos of the indistinguishable trio after seeing all of the attention they were getting.

And their second post gives a clue that could crack the case.

The video shows the three ladies posing for a selfie while one holds the camera – and then they all start laughing after realizing they are actually being videotaped instead of photographed.

The lady on the left, who laughs last, takes the longest to get the joke – and the caption reads, “When your mom thinks it’s a picture…lol.”

This lady looks very similar to the woman wearing the blazer on the far left in the first photo.

Meet the mom?

There’s also the fact that the original photo is captioned, “Mom, twin and me,” which would literally translate that from left to right, the women pictured are the mom, the twin, and the photographer.