raven-symone & alicia quarles screenshot)

*Uh oh, it looks like Raven-Symone has some credibility issues.

We recently reported that “The View” co-host said she was “slapped upside the chest” twice during a “Zoolander 2” red carpet interview this week.

She says a producer moved on her, so to speak, to get her out of the way so they could talk to Kendall Jenner, instead.

OK, this is where the credibility issue comes into play because video of the incident doesn’t match what Raven says happened.

Video of what went down was posted by toofab and, while it’s clear the producer wanted her gone to make room for Miss Jenner, Raven wasn’t physically touched as she claims.

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When you watch the clip, you’ll see Symone and StarShop App reporter Alicia Quarles chatting while Kendall lingers in the background. A few seconds later Raven gets cut off by a producer just off-camera. “Alicia,” the woman interjects, before motioning to Jenner.

“Oh, that’s OK, someone’s more important, so I’ll let them go ahead,” Raven says, before you hear someone else say, “Sorry, we’re gonna go with Kendall.”

We’re sure Raven was embarrassed by the situation, but who you gonna believe? Raven’s version on “The View” or actual video of what went down?

Video of the incident:

Video of Raven-Symone’s account of what happened: