50 cent mansion
*After almost a decade on the market, 50 Cent’s Farmington, Connecticut estate has finally been sold, with plans to transform the 52-room residence into an assisted living facility.

According to TMZ, the home sold for $8 million, a $10.5 million decrease from the original price 50 Cent listed it for back in 2007, $18.5 million. Since it got put on the market, the price on the 50,000 square foot 21-bedroom, 25-bath estate was reduced several more times.

In addition, the mansion ultimately became huge financial burden for 50 Cent, who recently declared bankruptcy. Expenses included spending around $70,000 a month to maintain the property, which featured nine kitchens, an outdoor infinity pool and grotto, indoor pool, helicopter pad, casino, nightclub, basketball courts and pond.

As it stands now, the estate’s buyer is modifying zoning in order for it to be converted into the senior assisted living facility, pending approval from the town Farmington.