aj calloway & donald trump

A.J. Calloway (‘Extra’) and Donald Trump go hand-to-hnd

*It appears that comments made by Republican presidential hopeful Senator Marco Rubio about the size of Donald Trump‘s hands  is clearly causing concern for current front leader in Republican race for the White House.

We say that because after the debate, “Extra’s” AJ Calloway spoke with Trump, who made it a point to let folks know that despite what Rubio suggested, there is no problem with the size of his hands … or any other body part. Trump showed his hands, saying, “Look at these hands, these are the hands that hit a golf ball 285 [yards].”

During the interview, Trump voluntarily went hand-to-hand with AJ to see how he measured up.

“Let me see your hands… See? My hands are bigger… This is the problem with politicians — they’re all talk… I have good-size hands and, they say, very beautiful hands,”Trump told AJ. (Scroll down to watch.)

If you missed it, Thursday night (03-03-16), Donald Trump went face-to-face with candidates who have mocked him, but told “Extra” that he doesn’t feel like they were ganging up on him.

“I think it was fair. Look, I’m leading by so much they have no choice.”

Many anticipated that another showdown with moderator Megyn Kelly would happen, but that was not the case.

“It was an evening that I thought actually was going to be a little more violent. It wasn’t as violent as I thought. I really enjoyed it.” He also thought Kelly did a great job, saying, “I had no complaints,” he said.

While there has been speculation that Chris Christie could be Trump’s choice for a running mate, he reveals to Calloway that he hasn’t made a decision just yet:

“I don’t want to do it now, AJ… If you look at what we’re going through, I want to get the prize, ’cause I want to make this country great again — that’s the whole theme of what I’m doing. I wanna win first, and I have plenty of time, there are plenty of people around.”

Trump says he is ready to take on Hillary Clinton next.

“Oh, we’re gonna beat her easily. The polls are showing that I beat her.”

When AJ commented that Trump’s wife Melania was his secret weapon in his campaign, he agreed.

“She is, she’s really amazing, and really does a great job, makes me feel very comfortable, which is an important thing.”