miracles from heaven - kiki jennifer & kylie

*”Miracles from Heaven” was an amazing movie based on the true story of a little girl named Anna Beam.

All around the  theater where the film was screening, you could hear the sniffles as the crowd was touched by this story of faith, a mother and her daughter.

Going from being on the verge of death to living a normal life after battling chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction, a painful digestive disorder, Anna gives the credit to God.

“I think God healed me and I think he’s the only one that could’ve healed me and if you try to then you just can’t,” she said. “Only God could’ve healed me because the disease I had was incurable.”

12 year-old actress Kylie Rodgers put on an amazing performance as she played Anna in the movie. When we asked Kylie what she did to prepare for the role, she explained to us that it “comes out naturally.”

“I read the script a couple of times and I kind of get the character and then I met Anna which helped a lot,” said the young actress. “We [me and Jennifer] studied the Beams together.”

miracles from heaven - jennifer & kylie

Jeffifer Garner & Kylie Rodgers

Even sitting next to each other in the press junket, there was no denying the great chemistry Rodgers had with Jennifer Garner who plays her mother, the role of Christy Beam in the film. Having kids of her own in real life isn’t what helped Garner nail this role though.

“I think there’s just something very human about a child imperiled or a child in pain and I think that everything I do is informed by having all these crazy kids at home but you can’t work with this little lady and have her look like she’s sad and just feel like oh no I will go and stop that train for her.”

miracles from heaven - queen latifah

Queen Latifah, who played the role of Angela, a waitress in Boston that shows the Beams around the city, definitely brought the comedic relief to the film. She took them to the aquarium, museums and other tourists attractions.

When asked where she would take us if she had to give us a tour of LA, her answer included everything and we basically wanted to spend the entire day with her.

“It’s kinda gray out there today and I think we should go to the beach. We could do snowboarding in the morning and hit the beach in the afternoon,” she said.

For more information on the “Miracles from Heaven,” which opens nationwide on 03-16-16, click here.