wednzday (vertical)


*WEDNZDAY (born on Ash Wednesday) is a singer/songwriter from Austin, Texas.

Her new single “Sorry” featuring Houston Texas hip hop rapper TRAE THA TRUTH and produced by Drake’s producer Neenyo is on fire.

Look out for her debut EP WEDNZDAY NIGHTS later this year.

  1. Wednzday was discovered by Drake’s producer (Neenyo) on the music site SoundCloud.
  1. Wednzday is a Master Astrologer.
  1. Wednzday grew up with RNB singer Luke James.
  1. Wednzday loves The Adams Family.
  1. Wednzday played the French horn in high school.
  1. Wednzday song “Sorry” is about a bad breakup that she went through.
  1. Wednzday opened up for Kelis in 2010 at Great Day America (Gay Day) in San Francisco.
  1. Wednzday creative director was Madonna’s brother, Chris Ciccone.
  1. Wednzday’s favorite singer is Mariah Carey.
  1. Wednzday’s stage name was originally Ash Wednesday b/c she was born on Ash Wednesday and her first name is Ashley.

“Sorry” is available for purchase on Itunes, Spotify, and Tidal. Follow WEDNZDAY on her Instagram or SoundCloud.

Written by Tanisha Williams- journalist, screenwriter. Follow on Twitter at @renaissancwoman