bobo norco

Bobo Norco

*According to artist manager Domenick Nati, a  story broke earlier this week about Stitches the rapper‘s  Twitter feud with Katt Williams that brought his client, Bobo Norco, into the mix.

Bobo recently spoken about the situation to The Inquisitr and made it clear that he wasn’t involved in the Twitter beef by saying:

“I woke up and one of my boys called me and said, ‘Someone from WrestleMania was talking about you on Twitter’. Then I saw it, and realized it was just Stitches so I went back to bed.” The Inquisitr also asked Bobo what he thought was going on with Katt. “I think Katt’s suffering from ‘Little Man Syndrome’.”

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Oh, by the way, in case you actually give a crap about what Stitches actually said about Bobo Norco, here’s a taste courtesy of Design & Trend:

“@KattPackAllDay That’s why @bobonoroco stuck his penis in your b****’s vagina #MinnieMouseVsBigBadWolf,” tweeted Stitches.

But following Stitches tweets, rapper Bobo Norco, who Stitches claimed had sex with Katt Williams on-again, off again girlfriend Hazel-E, Norco told the that he was not sleeping with Hazel-E and was not friends with Stitches.

“We met a couple times and she’s a dope girl but not the ‘Katt Williams type of dope,’” Norco replied. As for the photo of him and Hazel-E, Norco said, “No there isn’t more to the picture, that’s the entire image.”

“I’ve never met Stitches and I don’t plan on it,” the rapper said. “For him to bring my name in this beef is not affecting my health but it’s definitely some diva s**t on Stitches part. My question to Stitches is, ‘Would you ever consider joining WWE’?”

OK, hopefully we got that cleared up. We wouldn’t want folks thinking Bobo and Stitches are boys, would we?