*It is said that we all have psychic abilities – it’s just that some of us are less spiritual than others and haven’t learned how to use our clairvoyance yet.

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This may well be true. Serious scientific studies around communication have suggested that only somewhere around ten per cent of all communication is contained in what we actually say – the rest is derived from the way in which we say it; things like our body language and perhaps even our psychic powers. Who really knows? But most people will be able to related to a feeling that something big was about to happen – and we’re all aware of our soulful and spiritual side through dreams if nothing else.

So learning to recognise and to harness our psychic powers is something that many celebrities round the world have tried over the years – as have millions of ordinary people too. Who hasn’t, at some point in their life, tried to develop psychic power by listening to their inner voice in trying to make a big decision for example? The truth is that we all do this to a greater or lesser extent – and we can all learn to hone our psychic / clairvoyant abilities if we try.

In the past, a number of celebrities have eerily predicted their own deaths lyrically, for example. So how did they know this was coming? Was it a sixth sense in the true sense of the word?
There are millions around the globe who believe it was.

Let’s take Bob Marley for example; the Reggae singer was psychic according to his friend the Jamaican footballer Allan ‘Skill’ Cole. Marley, it is said, did palm readings when a youngster and predicted his own stardom and the fact that he would build a recording studio. Spookily perhaps, he also foresaw his own death. Marley is believed to have said to a friend that he thought he would die at age 36. When the friend asked why this was, Marley said Jesus had lived to that age too. Of course Bob Marley died on May 11th 1981 aged just 36.

Legendary rapper Tupac Shakur, singing great Sam Cooke and rapper “Biggie Smalls” aka “The Notorious B.I.G” are also thought to have predicted their own demises whether in interviews or the lyrics of their songs. In the case of Biggie Smalls, for example, the rapper’s songs often dealt with death including “Big Poppa, Juicy”, and “Suicidal Thoughts”, in which he said; “I swear to God I feel like death is … calling me.” The rapper was shot and killed in Los Angeles in March 1997 – his murder remains unsolved.

Similarly, the late rapper “Proof” rapped in D12’s 2004 song “40 Oz”; “I’m in the club to beef, you gotta murder me there.”

Two years later, Proof was playing pool when he got involved in an altercation with a Desert Storm veteran called Keith Bender.

During the fight that followed, a bouncer at the club who was also Bender’s cousin fired a warning shot into the air causing the rapper to fire retaliatory shots which killed Bender. Proof was then fatally wounded by the bouncer in an eerie confirmation of his lyricised prediction!

So were these lyrics psychic insights or just weird coincidence? You be the judge.