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*On Thursday (03-17-16), “The Real” celebrates St. Patrick’s Day and co-host Tamar Braxton’s birthday!

With surprise guests and a birthday tiara, Tamar celebrates a yummy tradition with viewers.

Plus, model and actress Eva Marcille shares the valuable “new mom” advice she gave her bestie who’s married to Ne-Yo, Crystal Renay. Eva also raves about the convenience of her new long-distance relationship and her latest project, the BET docu-series All About the Business.

Celebrating Co-Host Tamar Braxton’s Birthday – Watch:

Eva Marcille’s Valuable New Mommy Advice for Her Bestie, Ne-Yo’s Baby Mama

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Adrienne Bailon: One of your closest friends on the show is Crystal Renay, who’s having a baby with Ne-Yo.

Eva Marcille: Yes.

Adrienne: Her first baby.

Adrienne: So, are you giving her any new mommy advice?

Eva: Too much. I’m the friend that like… Okay, so she invites me over to her house to see her nursery, right.

Adrienne: Yes!

Eva: So, I’m like, “Oh, my God, it’s so cute!  And the furniture…” [She pauses.]

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Eva:  There’s the crib under the window? You know, you can’t put the crib under the window, right. And she’s like, “But do you like, I put these on…” But, the crib’s under the window. And so I asked her, like a week after I realized, like, she’s the mom and I’m not her mom, right?

Adrienne: Uh huh.

Eva: So, I’m like, I’m sorry Crys, I’ve overstepped my bounds and she’s like, “No, I moved the crib from the window.”  I’m like, yes, exactly!

Tamera Mowry-Housley: Good advice!

Eva Marcille’s Valuable New Mommy Advice for Her Bestie, Ne-Yo’s wife, Crystal Renay:


Eva Marcille Drops Long-Distance Dating Dish:


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