*Dear Mr. Lee Bailey, Publisher of EURweb,

Having just awakened from a glorious 45-minute nap, at 2pm, sir, I felt compelled to share this story with you and all of our readers.

Here’s God’s honest truth, Mr. Bailey:  sleepy workers simply don’t get enough done during the day.

In addition to the stress that a lack of sleep causes well-meaning (and underpaid) workers (like me), their low productivity costs companies a staggering $63 billion a year!

What’s the solution you ask, Mr. Bailey? Well, the consensus is that savvy…no, BRILLIANT business leaders such as yourself could help solve this problem by encouraging your workers to nap during the day.

You heard me, Mr. Bailey: WORKERS NEED A NAP!

(I wish my fifth grade science teacher could have read this before he sent me to the principal’s office that day. I always knew I was ahead of the curve!)

In a new survey of 196 business leaders, 43 percent said they don’t get enough sleep at least four nights a week. Almost half of those said they didn’t think their lack of sleep played a significant role in performance.

Current research suggests otherwise:  years of sleep deprivation can impair memory, decision-making, creativity and social interactions.

I KNOW you don’t want any of THAT nonsense in OUR office, Mr. Bailey!  I also know you’re wondering why companies aren’t doing a better job of encouraging workers to sleep. 83 percent of those business leaders surveyed said their companies simply didn’t try hard enough to promote the importance of sleep, and 36 percent said their companies didn’t encourage them to prioritize a night of quality shut-eye.

So, Mr. Bailey, I know you; you’re thinking “Cut to the chase, Coleman! What can businesses do to fix this problem? Quit bitching, Mike! Give me an action plan!

Uh oh. Read what Mike has in mind at EURThisNthat.