Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks

*Azealia Banks on Monday hurled homophobic slurs at press photographers and slapped two of their cameras as she left Manhattan court to face an assault charge…surveillance footage of which she released on Sunday via Twitter.

Here’s an account from Page Six:

“F—–s!” Banks, 24, repeatedly shouted, hurling the gay slur at a half-dozen members of the press as she smacked one shutterbug’s lens, then tried to snatch another’s camera.

“That’s assault! That’s assault! You want me to report you to the police?” the photographer shot back.

“Move!” she yelled, wearing a bizarre ensemble, including a green army fatigue hat, red camouflage pants, a leather jacket, purple knit gloves and purple webbed sneakers.

She hopped into a black SUV and gleefully jeered out a rolled-down window: “Suck my d—-, f—–ts!” she shouted, ramping up the homophobic spew.

Banks was in court Monday to make a routine appearance on her pending assault case for allegedly biting the breast of a security guard who threw her out of the nightspot Up&Down in the Meatpacking District on Dec. 16.

According to reports, she had tried to enter a private party without a hand stamp and the guards blocked her. She allegedly yelled at them for not knowing who she was, telling them she’s on Rihanna’s album, according to a source.

As security removed her, the crazed performer allegedly spit in the face of a female bouncer, bit her breast and tried to punch her.

On Sunday, Banks tweeted what appears to be surveillance footage of this Dec. 16 incident, with the message: “Azealia Banks gets jumped by three male and one female security guard at UP&DOWN nightclub in NYC.”

Watch below (the altercation begins at the 2:12 mark in the top middle of the screen):