tony pettaway kicking protester

*Another Donald Trump rally means another protester gets a beatdown.

This particular incidence of Trump rally violence happened in Arizona on Saturday night (03-19-16) and is kinda interesting for two reasons.

1. The protester (Bryan Sanders) was WHITE and the assailant was BLACK.

2. The black guy (Tony Pettway) who punched and kicked Sanders was IMMEDIATELY ARRESTED and charged with misdemeanor assault, unlike the old white guy who sucker punched a black protester in North Carolina on March 10 who WASN’T arrested until a day or so later. We’ll let you think about that.

In any event, it all went down at the Trump rally as a protester was being escorted out of the Tucson Convention Center.

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Unfortunately it’s the latest such incident that we’ve come to expect as these kind of violent confrontations have occurred around the Trump presidential campaign as the election cycle has heated up.

Sanders spoke with the Arizona Daily Star and said that he was at the rally to protest Trump’s “fascism, his racism, his lies and his woman hating.” See his interview below.

It will come as no surprise that the attack was captured on video by a rally attendee named Alex Satterly and NBC’s Frank Thorp who both shared their versions on Twitter:

Here’s what the Huffington Post is reporting about what led up to the violence:

At the start of his speech, Trump appeared to heed the advice of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who asked him to condemn violence at his rallies after a string of violent incidents raised GOP concerns about Trump’s viability in the general election.

“We love our protesters, don’t we?” Trump said after the first protester spoke out off camera.

But 10 minutes into Trump’s speech, two protesters were escorted out and Trump changed his tone.

“That is a disgusting guy, really disgusting,” he continued. “Get him out of here, get him out,” he said, prompting loud cheers.

“They’re troublemakers, they’re no good, and we have to be careful,” Trump said. “We’ve gotta take our country back, folks. We gotta take our country back, very simple.”

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There’s more! CBS News’ Jacqueline Alemany tweeted another video that purportedly shows Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski grabbing a protester by the collar of his shirt:

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