white man with dreads*A video hit the Internet this week showing showing what appears to be  a black woman confronting a white man wearing dreadlocks and accusing him of ‘appropriating’ her culture.

Now, San Francisco State University said Tuesday it was investigating the incident, after it was widely assumed that the woman was a staff member.

The university quickly denied this, and in a statement said that her behavior goes beyond the institution’s free speech policy.

In the video posted on YouTube on Monday, the man and woman can be heard arguing in a hallway about his hair.

“You’re saying that I can’t have a hair style because of your culture? Why?” the man said.

“Because it’s my culture,” she said.

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The man tells her that dreadlocks were part of Egyptian culture and asks her, “Are you Egyptian? Nah, man, you’re not.” She asked him if he was Egyptian, and he told her no.

“Wait, where’s Egypt?” she asked. “Tell me.”

He responded: “You know what, girl … you have no right to tell me what I cannot wear.”

When the man attempts to walk away, the woman – who looks of questionable mixed race – stops him, continuing to ask where Egypt was. As he tries to go around her and go up a nearby set of stairs, she grabs his arm, trying to stop him.

“Yo, girl, stop touching me right now,” he said. “I don’t need your disrespect.”

San Francisco State officials said in a statement that the confrontation happened on campus Monday and that university police were called to the scene when it happened, notes the LA Times. They also confirmed that none of the people shown were employed by San Francisco State.

“San Francisco State University promotes the rights of the campus community to engage in free speech, but does not condone behavior that impedes the safety or well-being of others,” the university said. “We are taking the matter seriously and will promptly and thoroughly investigate this incident through applicable University channels, including our campus student conduct procedures.”

Peep the video of the incident below: