Bosch-Season-2*The world of detective Harry Bosch is  filled with a little more help from his friends while dealing with a complicated new case and going on “full survival mode” to protect his family  in the new season of the hit Amazon series “Bosch.”

While he’s pretty much the same “righteous,” tough as nails guy from last season, Bosch himself, Titus Welliver, admits “different circumstances” are now at play for his character with the stakes being so high via a “formidable” new threat.

“He’s still the same guy but in different circumstances and I think considerably higher stakes, considering that he’s in harm’s way dealing with organized crime and there’s more of them. They’ve got all the guns and all the tricks,” Welliver told EURweb. “So I think they’re a very formidable foe. The stakes are as high as they can possibly be for a character this season and it will be sort of interesting how Harry finds his way through that.”

Based on the popular Michael Connelly crime novels, “Bosch” follows the professional and personal life of the title character while solving various cases. The show’s second season, which premiered Friday (Mar. 11), picks up six months after Bosch wrapped up a case involving a crazed serial killer and officially ended his relationship with a young co-worker at the end of last season. After returning to work following an involuntary leave of absence, the tenacious LAPD homicide detective finds himself investigating a dead body found in the trunk of a car on Mulholland Drive that appears to have a mob connection. As things develop, the case brings Bosch to Las Vegas, where things get more complex, and intensely personal.

As Bosch follows the dangerous trail of corruption and collusion, his pursuit of the truth is threatened when he discovers the dark side of the police.

Lance+Reddick+Bosch+Screening+Hollywood+7aa4Ei4u_q9l“Storywise, I think it’s faster paced and it’s more dense than last season,” said Lance Reddick, who plays Deputy Chief Irvin Irving.

In addition to Bosch, Irving has his hands full this season with professional drama from political forces and family issues coming to the forefront. According to Reddick, his straight-laced character, which he describes as a “political animal,” will be put in a position in which “he starts making emotional decisions as opposed to career decisions.”

“I feel like it’s such an action packed season and it’s so emotional because just fanatically deals so much with family and also it gives so much rapport,”  Reddick says.” For a show that’s about a homicide detective it deals with a lot with people being undercover.”

While “undercover” carries a different meaning for certain characters in season two, family will also play a major role with Chief Irving and Bosch, whose relationship with his daughter Maddie becomes stronger. The pair, along with Maddie’s mother and Bosch’s ex-wife, Eleanor Wish, is swept up in the new case, which complicates things between the former couple.

“What’s really great is how they continue the storyline with his family, for me at least, and we start to understand some of the backstory with Bosch and Eleanor and how the challenges are when you have to be reunited and raise a child together,” Sarah Clarke, who plays Eleanor, shared. “His investigation brings him to Vegas and they then are forced to have to, not work together, but resolve some issues between themselves to be able to go further with the investigation that he’s doing. Stuff comes out that makes you think somehow I am involved and so they go into those and they just have to keep bringing our characters back together, which is hard because there’s a lot of unfinished business going on between Harry and Eleanor.”

Adding to the tension is Maddie and Eleanor living under Bosch’s roof. With that, Bosch has to let go of his loner lifestyle for the greater good of keeping his family safe. A scenario that allows viewers to see another side of their favorite detective.

“You really get to see that he has human connections,” said Amy Aquino, who plays Lt. Grace Billets. “Last season was about him and the cop that he was sleeping with. This year, it’s him interacting with these women in his life and him being really tied to and deeply dependent on some levels on these deep connections with his daughter and with his ex-wife. Seeing him at home and seeing him cooking. That’s a whole other side of Harry that you really didn’t get to see before.”

New to the “Bosch” cast is Jeri Ryan, who plays Veronica Allen, the woman married to the man at the center of Bosch’s case. For Ryan, the character marks a distinct departure from roles  previously played, which she welcomed fully.

“She is very different and colorful. She’s so much fun because this is a character who has basically created this persona for herself and she has so many layers and such a checkered and colorful past. I just think she’s kind of fascinating,” the former “Boston Public” and ”Body of Proof” star noted while alluding to Veronica’s mysterious vibe. “She is a smart cookie, considering what her past is and what she’s done. She’s very sharp and very determined, I would say, in getting what she wants, which is fun. It’s a lot of fun.”

jamie-hector-boschAs Bosch’s partner, Jerry Edgar, Jamie Hector has a front row view of how the two opposites work well together without self-destructing. As a result, Jerry knows his partner will put justice above anything and anyone.

“Harry, for me is the kind of guy you would want on your side in many ways because there’s a lot of mothers that lose their child or they lose someone, for that matter, or somebody lose someone and they constantly come back to the police department. It’s like, ‘Did you find anything?’” Hector explained while referencing similar situations portrayed in films that feature cops who are so backed up that unsolved cases have fallen off their radar to revisit. “With Harry, for the most part, you’ll find that he’ll have the photo of all the crimes that are not solved on his desk, like unforgotten. ‘I will solve that case. I will close that case. I will close that case.’

“And of course Jerry Edgar will mirror that because, for me, I feel like Jerry is the one that keeps the balance because he’s the guy that’s right there,” continued Hector. “We’re constantly sharpening our blades with each other and we go in polar opposite directions to try to come and meet back in the middle, just trying to figure out what’s the right way to go. For the most part, Harry goes his way. But then that’s the conflict that you’ll see between the two of us, trying to help him remember in our armed forces and the police department, I am my brother’s keeper. I’m supposed to look out for you. You look out for me and we cover each other.”

The second season of “Bosch” is available now for viewing on Amazon Prime Video.