feminine products in city schools, for free

*I just love it when educators and politicians get together and give people what they truly need…and then to have it be free…wow!

Of course its no surprise that a thought to disperse something like free tampons and minipads would come from a woman (it would be an act of GOD for a man to think of such a thing, right?), but New York City Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras-Copeland (D-Queens) came up with the idea.

At first Ferreras-Copeland did the pilot small-scale; having a stand-alone bathroom dispenser with free tampons and pads installed at the Queens High School for Arts and Business last year.

The host of positive and grateful responses from students, who said that because of the complimentary supplies they had fewer classroom emergencies, inspired the councilwoman to work towards broadening the reach of the project.

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