Countess Vaughn*37-year-old “Hollywood Divas” star Countess Vaughn is showing off her significant weight loss, and while she has not revealed exactly how much weight she’s lost, back in September, Vaughn did announce that she dropped three sizes.

She also raised a few eyebrows when she underwent extensive liposuction to jumpstart her fitness goals. But as she told PEOPLE, it was a necessary move in order to feel better about her post-baby body.

“I wanted to do a mommy makeover,” she told People. “I had done it after my oldest child. I really needed to just treat myself, and I’m happy about it!”

In several new Instagram photos, the divorced-mother-of-two flaunts her slimmer healthier image and she’s looking good. Keep it up, Countess!

Vaughn became a household name on sitcoms like “Moesha” and “The Parkers,” and she’s always been open about her struggles with her weight over the years. AlwaysAList reports that during season one of the TV One reality series “Hollywood Divas,” Countess shared that when she was a pre-teen on the set of the sitcom “227” she overheard an adult actress making fun of her size. This type of  scrutiny affected her self-esteem and has negatively impacted her self-image. Vaughn has attributed her thyroid disease as cause for her weight fluctuating over the years.

The former child star once appeared on VH1’s “Celebrity Fit Club,” and last fall she told IBTimes that keeping the weight off post-lipo surgery has been “a lot of work.”

“It’s a lot of hard work,” Vaughn tells International Business Times, adding that she’s now down to a size 8 or 9 from an 18. “People think lipo isn’t hard [but] it is in recovery.” She added that it took an entire year for her body to fully heal from the procedure.

“Each surgery is different. My first surgery after my son, I saw the results a lot quicker,” Vaughn explained. “But due to the thyroid situation, this time it was a little delayed.”

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