*It’s hard out there for phucking idiot racists. Even harder when they are stupid OUT LOUD.

Which, if this “market investigator” at CVS is being truthful about his supervisor at CVS telling him to “lock up” African American and Hispanics who are caught shoplifting or in other words, anyone SHOPPING WHILE BLACK or BROWN…

I mean, you do the math. The man the supervisor is talking to is African American.

And now he is suing CVS.

According to claims in a new Brooklyn Federal Court lawsuit filed by Sheldon Thomas, who actually stepped  to Black and Hispanic customers per his supervisors’ demand; he had been told, “When you catch the black people, lock them up,” and, “When you catch the Spanish people, lock them up.” 

Thomas, who says racial slurs — including the n-word — were normal in the store, claims the supervisor also said to him, “There are a lot of black and Spanish people here. Make sure you watch them.”

The suit claims white shoplifters were let go.

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