Cyrene Tankard (left) , Brelyn Bowman (right)

Cyrene Tankard (left) , Brelyn Bowman (right)

*Being a preachers daughter can come with great reward and much judgment all at once.

Fortunately for Bravo reality TV star Cyrene Tankard and author of “No Ring No Ting,” Brelyn Bowman – they have managed to balance their individual lives as well as spiritual lives. The two have joined forces in an initiative to educate young women about the power of abstinence and loving themselves.

If you’re familiar with Bravo’s hit series “Thicker Than Water” which airs tonight on Bravo at 10/9c, you’ve seen Cyrene. She is the baby girl who just went off to college and has all eyes on her. Throughout the seasons, Cyrene’s parents, Jewel Tankard and Ben Tankard talked with her about pre-marital sex and everything that comes with it. She explained that she did indeed feel the pressures from “The Talk” on national television; but knew that it came from a loving place.

“Having my sex life aired on TV was interesting, Miss Tankard told EUR associate Chelsea Rhym.  “But, at the same time I feel like people needed to know how different people operate and I know a lot of people were able to relate to my story and kinda everything I went through with that.”

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Brelyn on the other hand is mostly known from her viral video of when she presented her father with her certificate of celibacy on her wedding day. She shared that her relationship with God is what kept her focused and grounded on the path of abstinence. There’s no doubt that she dealt with much flack from the joyous occasion however she wants everyone to know that they too can wait and it’s worth it .

“70% of the comments were horrible where people were like oh yeah she’s a liar. She’s this she’s that…In that moment my husband and I decided that we wouldn’t look at people as haters. We would just look at people as they just don’t understand,” said Bowman.

Cyrene and Brelyn are at different points in their lives, yet both intend to spread the same message and that’s what makes their bond so unique.

By the way, this won’t be the last time you will see Brelyn and Cyrene. Currently, Brelyn’s book has been rated 5-stars on Amazon and has received nothing but great reviews. Cyrene will be launching her “LoveYouMore” movement  later this year and hopes that many young ladies are inspired by it.

In the mean time you can purchase Brelyn’s book here and follow up with Cyrene’s ventures here.