Yakim Manasseh Jordan *Self-proclaimed prophet Yakim Manasseh Jordan claims he can predict the future and heal the sick.

He may also have the gift of telepathy but inquiring minds are still awaiting confirmation.

Should they die before we learn the truth, there will be no need to become alarmed, as Jordan can also raise the dead for the low-cost of $1000.

The Brooklyn native has said in several sermons that he has successfully raised the dead. In one sermon, he described his work with the “Johnson Family” saying, “When he got outside the hospital he called and said your mother that died a couple of hours ago came back to life.”

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“The Lord began to speak to me and he showed me major losses that you have experienced within the last two to five years,” Jordan says in the message before promising you and a loved one will soon see “a miracle favor cloud,” “a prosperity blessing,” and a “financial blessing.”

As for which loved one, Jordan said, “It’s almost as if the second letter of the second syllable in the name is like a vowel making an ‘ah’ or an ‘a”’ sound,” he says. “I must know how much money you are asking God to release. So write me back, and email me immediately…I have to give you this prophesy.”

For claiming he possesses a kind of power that puts him on the level as a god, Jordan is facing dozens of lawsuits from hundreds of frustrated people who don’t know how he got hold of their phone numbers but would love for Jordan to stop robocalling them with promises of miracles and seeing the future, per The Daily Beast.

“It is miserable,” said 20-year-old Tyrell Crosby, a sophomore at the University of Oregon, in a Twitter DM. “I have no idea how they got [my number] but they’ve been calling for over a year.”

“I press 1 every so often. Lets you leave a message,” said Allen Lee Scott, 41, describing how he handles the recurring calls. “Sometimes I read poetry or just leave extreme farting sounds.”

Tell us what you think about Jordan’s claims, and check out the two clips below of Jordon in action.

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Posted by Prophet Manasseh Jordan on Thursday, April 9, 2015

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