donnell rawlings

*Sheesh, this is an awfully messy look for “Chappelle Show” star Donnell Rawlings.

The comic is caught on video in a mini-brawl that grew out of him allegedly walking out of a restaurant/bar in Philly without paying the tab.

Rawlings says he was having breakfast at Little Pete’s in Philly on Sunday when he walked out for a smoke. He says the waitress followed him and started screaming, accusing him of dining and dashing. He says she never gave him a chance to pay.

Also, Rawlings, 45, who was in Philadelphia to perform at the Helium Comedy Club, further denied the accusation on Twitter Sunday night:

“Walking out on a tap (sic) and leaving your bag inside is not the action of someone who’s trying to skip there (sic) bill! #duh #whodoesthat”

He expanded his argument Instagram:

“I won’t (expletive) on philly because I know I every city no matter how pretty, there will be ugly people, I’m staying focused and will continue to bring laughter to my fans and most importantly going hard for my family.”

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Naturally, you won’t be surprised to find out that a Little Pete’s employee has a different story. They said Rollins appeared drunk and was walking out on the tab. The waitress claims the funnyman made it clear before he left he wasn’t going to pay, so she confronted him.

TMZ reports that police were called after the fight broke out and that Rawlings ended up paying his $12 tab and still tipped $60. No one was arrested and fortunately and more importantly, Rawlings wasn’t shot.

Rawlings is best known for his work on Comedy Central’s “Chappelle’s Show,” but also has appeared on HBO’s “The Wire,” MTV’s “Guy Code,” its spinoff, “Guy Court” and the movie “Spiderman 2.”

By the way, according to, the popular 24-hour diner, at 17th and Chancellor streets, likely will close soon to make way for a proposed 12-story hotel.