Quincy Jones and Ellen DeGeneres

Quincy Jones and Ellen DeGeneres

*Ellen DeGeneres is making dreams happen for a terminally ill comedian.

In the summer of 2015, Quincy Jones was given one year to live after being diagnosed with stage 4 mesothelioma cancer.

Following his diagnosis, Jones’ friend and fellow comedian Nicole Blaine, along with her husband Mickey, launched a Kickstarter campaign to subsidize his own comedy special. DeGeneres heard about it and invited Jones on her daytime talk show.

Jones returned to the show Monday, during which DeGeneres revealed a special surprise.

“Here’s the thing that you mentioned last time, that you want to do a comedy special,” she began. “That’s really important for you to do a comedy special.”

After Jones agreed, DeGeneres continued: “So, what you don’t know (is) we called the head of HBO. And your people didn’t even tell you this, but HBO is going to air your special.”

“You’re lying,” Jones responded. “Are you serious? Are you?”

DeGeneres explained that Jones’ reps had been secretly negotiating with HBO since she placed the call. DeGeneres also convinced Shutterfly, which initially gifted Jones $10,000 to help with travel, to donate an extra $15,000 to help cover production costs.

The special will tape on April 4 at Los Angeles’ Teragram Ballroom and air later this spring.

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