Frank Scheaffer

*Recently I placed a post on Facebook that, though not an original, talked about how, with all due respect to the #oscarssowhite movement, any real movement in changing this lack of diversity is going to come from the white actors who are the kings and queens of Hollywood right now.

The Leonardo DiCaprio’s, and George Clooney’s. The Angelina Jolie’s, Brad Pitts‘ and Jennifer Lawrence‘s.

Along with countless others.

Those who the industry needs MORE than the actors themselves need the industry.

I stand by that. Until these people step out and step up (which they don’t have to do unless they feel some sense of social responsibility), things will most likely stay the same.

But its really commendable when someone DOES take such a stand. And I tip my hat to all-around-creative and lack of tongue-holding author Frank Schaeffer, who used social media to put down some real talk recently about the disrespect and “7 years of lynching” he says president Barack Obama has received as a result of those who fear the loss of their “white privilege.”

Read more and watch the powerful video at EURThisNthat.